Hand Block Printed Scarf with Tassels | Floral Medley Print


The traditional process of hand block printing on textiles with rich colours has been practised in Rajasthan India for around 500 years and has provided an essential source of income to many village families. A print starts with the design, drawn on paper and carved by hand onto the wooden blocks which are used  to stamp rows across the fabric. Each element of the design is carved into a separate block. Block carving in itself is a precise art requiring years of apprenticeship and done entirely by hand.The skill of these talented artisans and the involvement of the community; men, women and children taking pride in their beautiful hand-printed textiles, is keeping the tradition alive.

Soft and lightweight, this eye-catching scarf features a tassel trim and traditional motifs in a block pattern. The perfect accessory for all seasons.

Naturally occurring dye variations are found on all hand printed textiles, making each piece unique

Material: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 188 x 52 cm

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Wash colours separately

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