Hello, Shari here!

Confession…I like to shop!   What can I say; I have worked in retail my entire career, purchasing stock for a chain of franchise department stores, developing new collections and trained sales staff. I travelled the globe, working for a French Department store for 10 years as their store buyer. I worked for two European brands and was based in Dubai for 3 years. I was basically paid to shop!

However, I got sick of the corporate world. Done with the rat race, the office politics. I just wanted to do what I love! So I honed in on my skills, and I drew upon my international sourcing contacts, my buying and selling experience, and bought an existing wholesale business called Rosewood Designs. The wholesale arm of the business. I decided to import two beautiful collections, Le Chatelard from France, and House of Disaster UK. Both collections very different from one another.  This allowed me to diversify our range without compromising on quality.  I saw potential and wanted to launch this business into the 21st Century! Nastalgica was born, Rosewood designs younger, better looking sister!

Nastalgica is our ecommerce store. Across both brands the focus has always been about selling quality merchandise at competitive prices. We also work with a local Melbourne based designer providing collections exclusively to us!

Although I have worked globally and had an undeniably amazing career, in my heart, the Mornington Peninsula, my home, is where I belong. I’ve never been afraid of a challenge, so here we are, Nastalgica, a beautiful home and giftware brand. We pride ourselves on providing quality, and most of all, a diverse range of home and giftware’s. Something for everyone!

We pride ourselves on being a very responsive business that loves to interact with our customers. We are friendly, kind and knowledgeable and always on hand to have a yarn.

Chat soon!

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